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Mcq on Fundamental Duties

Fundamental Duties

mcq fundamental duties

Fundamental Duties

1. The chapter on Fundamental Duties includes- [SSC Sec Off. (Aud.)2007]

Answer is -Duty to cherish and fallow the noble ideals which inspired our freedom movement

2.How many Fundamental Duties are in the Indian Constitution ? [SSC Sec. Off. (Aud.) 2008]

Answer is -Eleven

3. By which Amendment Act the Fundamental Duties of Citizen are included in Indian Constitution ? [SCRA 2003]

Answer is – 42nd Amendment Act

4.Right to Education Act (2002) was introduced to help which of the following group of society ? [United Bank of India 2010]

Answer is – Children of age of 6 to 14 years

5.In which of the following years the Fundamental Duties have been added to the existent Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India ? [CDS 2009]

Answer is – 1976

6. The 42nd Amendment Act has incorporated into the Constitution of India a new chapter on- [44th BPSC 2001]

Answer is -Fundamental Duties

7.By what term, the ten commandments of 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act are called ? [45th BPSC 2002]

Answer is – Fundamental Duties

8. Which one of the following is a Fundamental Duty in India? [45th BPSC 2002]

Answer is -To value and preserve the rich haritage of ours composite culture

9.Which of the following is correctly matched ? – [(Main) 2007]

Answer is -Part-IVA of the Constitution – Fundamental duties

10.Which one of the following is NOT a Fundamental Duty? [UP PCS(Main) 2007]

Answer is -To protect monuments and places of public importance

11.The Fundamental Duties are mentioned in the following part of the Constitution of India-

Answer is -Part IV A

12.” It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment.” This statement refers to which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India ? [Utt. PCS(Pre) 2005]

Answer is -Article 51-A

13. Which Article of Indian Constitution enumerates Fu ndamental Duties of Indian Citizens ? [Utt. PCS(Pre) 2006]

Answer is -Article 51-A

14.In which year Fundamental Duties of citizens were introduced by 42nd Amendment ? [Utt. PSC(Main) 2006; WB PSC (Pre) 2007]

Answer is -1976

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