Physical Features of India in indian geography -mcq test

Physical Features of India mcq test

Physical Features of India

Physical Features of India

1. In India,how many States/Union Territories have more than two international boundaries ?[CDS-2020]

Answer is -4

2.The southernmost range of India is -[MPPSC-2018]

Answer is – Cardamom

3. Which state of India touches maximum State boundaries ? [MPPSC-2018]

Answer is -Uttar Pradesh

4.Palk Strait is located between -[MPPSC-2018]

Answer is – India and Sri Lanka

5.Which one of the following cities was not included in the list of smart cities in India ? [ ICDS-1 2019]

Answer is – Jorhat

6.The Andaman Group of islands and the Nicobar group of islands are separated by which one of the following latitudes ? [CDS-I 2019]

Answer is – 10 ° N latitude

7.Which of the following ranges is the most recent one ? [PSC-2018]

Answer is -The Himalayas

8.Which of the following valleys lies between the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ? [HPPSC-2018)

Answer is -Bara Bhangal Valley

9.Which one of the following is not a part of the Meghalaya Plateau ? [BPSC 2018]

Answer is -Bhudan Hills

10.West Bengal shares boundaries with…countries. [[RRB-2018]

Answer is – 3

11. India is the…… largest country in terms of size. [MTS 2019]

Answer is -Seventh

12.India has a land boundary of about . . km. [SSC (CGL) 2017]

Answer is -15200

13.The Patkai hills belong to which mountain ranges ? [SSC (CGL) 2017]

Answer is – Purvanchal

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