Mcq on Banking system of India

Banking system of India


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1. State Bank of India was formerly known as WBCS-1999

Answer is -The Imperial Bank of India

2.The Reserve Bank of India is – WBCS-1999

Answer is -A Government-owned Bank

3.Bank rate is an instrument of WBCS-1999

Answer is -Credit Control

4.The term prudential norm is associated with WBCS-2002

Answer is -Banking Sector Reform

5.Grand Bank is located near WBCS-2002

Answer is -Newfoundland

6.The place where banks settle their mutual claims and accounts is known as a WBCS-2004

Answer is -Clearing House

7.In India, fourteen major commercial banks were nationalized in the year WBCS-2005

Answer is -1969

8.What is the name of the Central Bank of India ? WBCS-2006

Answer is -Reserve Bank of India

9.In which year was the Reserve Bank of Indian established? WBCS-2007

Answer is -1935

10.Bank Rate is the rate WBCS-2008

Answer is -At which Reserve Bank of India lends money to Commercial Banks

11.Who maintains foreign exchange reserve in our country? WBCS-2008

Answer is – Reserve Bank of India

12.Which one of the following rates is not determined by the Reserve Bank of India? WBCS-2009

Answer is -Prime Lending Rate

13.In order to control inflationary price rise, Reserve Bank directs banks to WBCS-2014

Answer is -Increase Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)

14.Term loan for expansion of industries in India is mainly provided by WBCS-2014

Answer is – Development Banks

15.The credit co-operative institution at the village level is called WBCS-2015

Answer is – Primary Agricultural Credit Society

16.Industrial credit is available from WBCS-2015

Answer is -All of the above

17.How many private commercial banks were nationalised in 1969 ? WBCS-2015

Answer is -14

18.The one rupee currency notes of India are issued by WBCS-2016

Answer is – The Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India

19.The EXIM Bank of India deals with WBCS-2016

Answer is – The exports and imports of India

20.The SEBI was given statutory recognition in 1992 on the recommendation of WBCS-2017

Answer is – the Narasimham Committee.

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