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Religious protest movement

Religious protest movement



1.Jibaka mentioned in the early Buddhist literature was a WBCS-1999

Answer is -Physician

2. Buddhist doctrines are contained in WBCS-2001

Answer is -Dhammapadas

3. Which of the following was not a part of Tripitakas there basket? WBCS-2002

Answer is – Jatakas

4. The original name of the Sect which later came to be kown as Jaina was WBCS-2002

Answer is -Nigranthas

5. Buddhist religious scripture Tipitaka was written in WBCS-2003

Answer is -pali

5.Where did Buddha preach his first sermons? WBCS-2004

Answer is -saranath

7. According to Ceylonese tradition Buddha ‘s Parinirbana took place in WBCS-2006

Answer is -543B.C

8. How many Tirthankaras were there in ancient India? WBCS-2009

Answer is -24

9. Name the last Tirthankara WBCS-2009

Answer is -Mahavira

10. The Tripitaka was Written in WBCS 2010

Answer is – Pali

11. The oldest school of Indian Philosophy WBCS-2010

Answer is -Sankhya

12. The main Buddhist religious texts are written in WBCS-2011

Answer is – Pali

13. Where did Buddha preach his first sermons ? WBCS-2011

Answer is -Sarnath

14. Buddha was born in WBCS-2013

Answer is -563 BC

15. Which ruler was contemporary of both Buddha and Mahavira? WBCS-2014

Answer is – Bembisara

16. Which of the following was a Buddhist genealogical text? WBCS-2015

Answer is -Dipavamsa

17. According to Buddhism the cause of all sorrows is WBCS-2016

Answer is – Trishna

17. The famous physician during Buddha’s time was WBCS-2017

Answer is – Jivaka

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