IMPORTANT Mcq on Constitutional amendment

IMPORTANT Mcq on Constitutional amendment

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IMPORTANT Mcq on Constitutional amendment

Constitutional amendment

1. Of the following words in the Preamble ofthe Constitution of India which wasNOT inserted through the Constitution (42nd Amendment) Act, 1976 ? [SSC Grad. 2004]

Answer is -Dignity

2.Which Amendment Act introduced changes in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution ? [SSC Grad. 2004]

Answer is -42nd Amendment Act, 1976

3.By which Amendment Act the Fundamental Duties of Citizens are included in Indian Constitution ? [SCRA 2003; CPSC(Pre) 2008]

Answer is – 42nd Amendment Act

4. Sikkim was made an integral part of India under the : [RRB Supervisor/IESM(Mumbai) 2006]

Answer is -36th Amendment

5.The most controversial amendment passed during the emergency was- [RRB Supervisor/IESM (Mumbai) 2006]

Answer is -42nd

6.The 73rd Amendment of the Indian Constitution deals with: [NDA 2002]

Answer is -Panchayati Raj

7.Which one of the following Amendments of the Constitution of India deals with the issue of strengthening of the Panchayati Raj ? [NDA 2008]

Answer is -73rd

8. Whichof the following Constitutional Amendments have added Article 15(5) in the Constitution of India providing for reservation in educational institution in the Private sector also ? [NDA 2009]

Answer is – 93rd Amendment

9. The Constitution (93rd Amendment) Act deals with:[NDA 2009]

Answer is – extension of reservation in educational institution

10.The method of Constitutional Amendment is provided in : [CDS 2003; UP PCS(Main) 2008]

Answer is -Article 368

11. The minimum age of voting in India was lowered from 21 to 18 years by the Constitutional Amendment Act: [CDS 2004; Utt. PSC (Main) 2006; UP PCS (Main) 2007]

Answer is – 61st

12.By which Amendment Act of the Constitution of India were the Directive Principles of the State Policy given precedence over the Fundamental Rights wherever they come into conflict ? [CDS 2005]

Answer is -42nd

13.The 42nd Amendment Act (1976) has incorporated into the Constitution of India a new chapter on: [44th BPSC 2001]

Answer is -Fundamental Duties

14. Which of the following Constitutional Amendment Acts was said to be a ‘Mini Constitution’ ?[47th BPSC 2005]

Answer is -42nd

15.Which of the following has banned floor crossing by the members elected on a party ticket to the legislative : [UP PCS 2002]

Answer is – 52nd Constitution Amendment Act

16.The right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights enlisted in the Constitution of India through which one of the following Amendments ? [UP PCS Special (Pre) 2004; CDS 2007]

Answer is – 44th

17.The 84th Amendment Act has frozen the total number of existing seats in the Lok Sabha on the basis of 1971 Census. They shall remain unaltered till the first census to be taken after the year :[UP PCS (Main) 2005]

Answer is -2026

18.Which of the following Constitutional Amendments integrated Sikkim as a full-fledged state of the Indian Union ? [UP PCS (Main) 2005]

Answer is – 36th

19.The Ninth Schedule to the Indian Constitution was added by : [UPSC2003]

Answer is -First Amendment

20.Which one of the following Bills

Answer is -Constitution Amendment Bill

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