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1. Directive principle of State Policy WBCS 1999

Answer is – Are not enforceable though the court of law

2.Which one of the following is not a Fundamental right under the Indian Constitution ? WBCS 2000

Answer is – The right to property

3.The concept of welfare state is included in the Constitution of India in the WBCS 2001

Answer is – Directive Principle of State Policy

4.In which part of the Constitution the concept of welfare state finds elaboration WBCS 2002

Answer is -Directive Principle of State Policy

5.Which of the following Fundamental Right was described by Dr. B.R Ambedkar as the heart and soul of the constitution ? WBCS 2002

Answer is – Right to constitutional remedies

6.The framers of the Constitution borrowed the concept of Directive Principles from WBCS 2002

Answer is – The Constit The Constitution of the Irish

7.Under which articles of the Constitution, the Government has awarded Bharat and Pasmashri awards WBCS 2003

Answer is -Article 18

8.The concept of Welfare state is included in the constitution of India in the WBCS 2003

Answer is -Directive Principle of state policy

9.Which of the following is not a Fundamental right WBCS 2004

Answer is – Right to Property

10.The right to education for all between 6 and 14 years of age has been included as a fundamental right in the Indian Constitution WBCS 2004

Answer is – 2002

11.Fundamental Duties have been included in the Constitution in the WBCS 2004

Answer is – 42nd Amendment

12. Article 25 of the Constitution of India relates to WBCS 2005

Answer is -Rights to freedom of religion

13.Which one, out of the following ,is not a fundamental rights ?WBCS 2005

Answer is -The rights to strike

14.The Ditective Principles of State Policy of India have similarity with WBCS 2007

Answer is -The Constitution of Ireland

15.In which year was the part on Fundamental Duties included in the Constitution by the Indian Parliament WBCS 2007

Answer is -1976

16.Which part of the Constitution directs the state to establish Panchayati Raj institution in the country WBCS 2008

Answer is – The Directive Principles of state policy

17.The Directive Principles of State policy are WBCS 2008

Answer is – Non -justiciable

18.Equal pay for equal work for both men and women is a WBCS 2011

Answer is – Directive Principle of state policy

19.Article 24 of the Indian Constitution prohibits employment of children in any factory below the age of WBCS 2011

Answer is – 14 years

20.The numbe of Fundamental Right guarnteed by the Indian Constitution are WBCS 2013

Answer is -6

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